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Chesterfield Baseball Club is one of the largest youth baseball organizations in the state of Virginia.   In past years more than 3,100 boys and girls participated in leagues beginning at age 5 and continuing until age 18.  In the 5 and 6 year old age bracket, CBC fielded 46 teams.   Ages 7 and 8 were the most popular age groups with a whopping 64 teams participating.  The 9 and 10 year old bracket had 54 teams playing while the 11 and 12 year olds had 54 teams.   The 13 and 14 year olds fielded 36 teams.   With these kinds of numbers playing under one organization, just imagine the tremendous effort required to run the program. 

CBC is comprised of 26 local athletic associations stretching throughout the county.   The boundary lines for the associations are the same as those for the elementary schools which they represent.  From the northern part of the county near Midlothian to Matoaca in the South, CBC provides youth baseball opportunities for every boy and girl in Chesterfield County. 

Coordinating 26 associations and 3,100 kids is not an easy task.  It requires hundreds of volunteers who graciously give up their time for the betterment of the program.  The CBC Executive Board, League Commissioners, and the Association's Board of Governors dictate the rules and policies.  The coaches and their assistants provide the teaching and instructions for the players.  Finally, the score keepers, team mothers, and all of the other team helpers make the games happen. 

CBC Organization Chart

Pony Baseball Inc. is the national organization of Chesterfield Baseball Clubs.  Flexibility is the key word in Pony Baseball philosophy; it allows a local league to operate according to the needs of the community, rather than asking the community to adapt to an arbitrary set of rules and regulations. 

The following is a brief breakdown of the responsibilities that the respective organization have in bringing you and your child youth baseball in Chesterfield County. 

Pony Baseball Inc. 

  1. Nation wide baseball league and organizational structure. 

  2. National rules and regulations. 

  3. Sanction all-star tournament play and World Series competition. 

Chesterfield Baseball Clubs Inc.  (CBC)

  1. Sets up and maintains a county wide league structure and organization so the local community associations can compete. 

  2. Sets up and coordinates rules for playing baseball in Chesterfield County and for a community association. 

  3. Sets up and coordinates with the county parks and recreation department the practice, regular season and play-off game schedules. 

  4. Supplies and coordinates umpires. 

  5. Coordinates coaches clinics. 

  6. Sets up and supplies a Commissioner for each age group to help settle disputes and coordinate scheduling. 

  7. Supplies and coordinates accidental insurance for all players.

  8. Supply trophies for county winners. 

  9. Tracks team standings throughout the season. 

  10. Coordinates post-season all-star programs. 

Athletic Associations

  1. Coordinates sign ups for all sports. 

  2. Supply uniforms and team equipment. 

  3. Select team coaches and creates team rosters. 

  4. Responsible for insuring legal compliance to all rules pertaining to a child participating in a sport. 

CBC Insurance program

Included in the baseball registration fee is the cost of accident insurance which protects your child in the event of an injury sustained during a league game or authorized practice. 

The plan provides for secondary insurance coverage only, meaning any primary coverage must be utilized first before this plan becomes effective.  The CBC insurance plan has a $25 deductible and will pay any claims over and above your primary coverage up to a maximum of $10,000 for medical claims and $500 for dental claims. 



League Summary

Experienced League

Developmental League




Pee Wee


5 & 6


50 ft.



7 & 8

42 ft.

60 ft.



9 & 10

46 ft.***

60 ft.



11 & 12

50 ft.***

70 ft.



13 & 14

54 ft.

80 ft.



15 & 16

60 ft. 6 in.

90 ft.

Sr. Colt


17 & 18**

60 ft. 6 in.

90 ft.

* Ages as of April 30

** Sr. Colt as of December 31

*** New pitching distances adopted for 2016 season.



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